11th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics

12 - 21 November 2017, Phuket, THAILAND


Tentative Program IOAA 2017

Date Students Leaders
Sun, Nov 12 Whole day Arrival & registration
Mon, Nov 13 Morning Opening Ceremony
Afternoon Introduction to site/ communication devices check in IBM1. Data analysis/night observation discussion
Evening Free time Data analysis/night observation translation
Tue, Nov 14 Morning Data analysis competition Excursion
Afternoon Free time
Evening Night observation (first attempt) Free time
Wed, Nov 15 Morning Excursion IBM2.Theory discussion
Evening Free time Theory translation
Thu, Nov 16 Morning Theory competition IBM3.Team competition and daytime observation discussion
Afternoon Free time Team competition and daytime observation translation
Evening Free time/night observation (second attempt) Free time
Fri, Nov 17 Morning Daytime observation Excursion
Evening Free time
Sat, Nov 18 Morning Team competition Free time
Evening Cultural night
Sun, Nov 19 Morning Excursion Moderation
Evening Free time IBM Final meeting
Mon, Nov 20 Morning Closing ceremony
Afternoon Farewell party
Evening Free time/Departure
Tue, Nov 21 Whole day Departure